All the Bracketology That's Fit to Print


Despite our participation in what is deemed by the NCAA powers-that-be "The First Four," I would be disingenuous if I didn't call it what it was: a play-in game to reach the NCAA tournament. That being the case, the ACTUAL tourney starts Thursday, and you probably need help with your brackets, or perhaps just a kick in the pants to get started. Fear not prognosticators, a roundup of worthy internet pundits is condensed for your laziness right here:

  • 20 tips to ponder from the Dallas News, including the fact that 11 of the last 12 national champions have worn blue. The outlier of course being the group of relaxed fellas at Louisville knocking us out in the Final.

  • Here's the Washington Post's take by Neil Greenberg, which adds the often forgotten importance of considering what your peers are picking.

  • CBS uses "Bracket Voodoo" to provide 5 picks that will give your bracket a jumpstart. One of them is Wichita State, but after Tuesday night's housing of Vandy, I don't think they'll be sneaking up on anyone.

  • Every year, there's that team everyone gripes about making the tourney, and then that team goes out and wins and makes everybody look stupid (except the committee). This year, there's a bunch of teams that made the fans go "huh?", and as our "Nerd" friends at MyTopSportsBooks have pointed out, we are one of them. They also have some nicely filled out brackets to inspire you.

  • Adequate Man promotes a three pass method, first using your brain, second using your heart, and third "letting go." I never win because I only use pass #2.

  • SB Nation is taking Duke deep, which I have trouble not agreeing with. There's no substitute for tournament experience, and most of those guys played (and won) six NCAA tourney games last year.

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