Thursday Musings Thinks Everybody Sucks

Hey, how about that game last night huh?

Brutal to watch. When we aren't hitting from behind the arc, poor basketball seems to ensue. We haven't been hitting lately. And when the other team is Tulsa, you get a shitshow. Couple of quick thoughts from said shitshow:

1) I see no reason to put in Doyle for the rest of the tournament, which is looking more likely to be just one more game

2) Mo should start, and in the absence of that, should come in really quickly because Donnall is like a half an ass hair better than Doyle

3) I have never hate-loved a man more than I do Zak Irvin. I literally say "f#$k you Zak" 5 or 6 times a game, loudly, and half of those expletives preclude shots that go in. Man his shot selection angers me.

4) Why can't Walton take it to the hole, ya know, like MAAR does?

5) Dakich getting meaningful minutes freaks me out, almost exactly the way Spike getting minutes used to freak me out.

Now, had we made 5 more three-pointers, which was WELL within our realm of possibility, it would have been the housing we wanted, everybody would be a glorious genius, and there would be no complaints. We can make those threes. And if we do it, what we see will be better basketball (at least from a layman's perspective) and we might just beat Notre Dame.

Other tournament stuff:

I already mentioned this on twitter, but the Big Ten sucks. We showed it. Purdue showed it. Others will also show it. Not sure why the analysts didn't just flat out say that they were perplexed how a crap conference with a crap preseason got seven teams in. They should have taken 5 max. Why is MSU a 2-seed? Beacuse they lost 5 games in that crap conference.

And Finally, My Bracket

It's March 17 at 9:30PM and my bracket is still perfect. I'm 9 for 9. My best start ever, and it aparently puts me in the top 1% of brackets submitted. Unfortunately, I didn't submit my picks anywhere else. However, it doesn't matter because I have no doubt my picks will be garbage by the time I go to bed, and worthless by Sunday.