That One Bracket: 2016 Round One, Day One

Today's edition of our particpant shaming tradition "That One Bracket" is really not so bad by round one, day one bracket standards. I can't remember a year where someone didn't lose a Final Four team on the first day, hell, usually in the first session of the first day. But that did not happen to our field of 83 prognosticators. Well done. However, we did have someone that had Purdue, Baylor, AND Arizona in their Elite 8, and that stings a little bit.

So raise a glass to Vik, because while today his bracket makes you feel good about yours, tomorrow, it could be you (or me).

Congrats to Tuba, Ryan Oneill, and Nick James on leading the pack with 15/16 yesterday. No doubt in my mind your success will be fleeting, so enjoy it until about 12:18PM EST.