The Themes, The Themes, The Themes - Part 3/3


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11/5/2016 - Time TBA - Marryland Terrapins, Theme: Soups and Stews 

Sure we'll have the classic sausage and cheese chowder...that stuff ladeled over Pammy's Cheesey Potatoes is the bomb diggity...but I've got a turtle meat supplier and an old Italian recipe for Terrapin soup.  It calls for a chunk of Ralph Friedgen love handle fat (did you know he's at Rutgers now?).  Note:  if this gets the 3:30 bump, we may alter it to be fried turkeys.

11/19/2016 - Time TBA - Indiana Hoosiers, Theme: Kegs and Eggs 

The home slate comes to a close with a team that took us to OT last year (forgot that, didn't you). No chance this goes 3:30, so let's concentrate on breakfast and pound draft beers.  Hoosier Daddy Omelettes, Pancakes, Bacon, and a keg of something that goes down easy.