Add we will bring the "Big Sticks"

Mr. Robinson's Michigan Defense 2009
Now that "we" have spoken, and are rallying behind our coach and for our team, it becomes obvious that we must "All be in for Michigan". As much as we might wish and hope, a new tailgate location and our rally cries will not be enough. As we inch closer to the first the first battle here are a few of the fellas that will be backing up the Webmasters spirit with some old fashioned "wood layin". Without further ado, your Game #1 Defensive Primer.

# 55, Senior, Brandon Graham DE

BG returns to anchor the squad from the DE position and will be moved around the field and given opportunities to play upright in one of variety of cleverly named spots in a "hybridish" style. The move by new D.C. Greg Robinson will allow Graham to contribute all over the field as opposed to mainly behind the LOS. Look for Graham to lead the team onto the field and escort the opponents off the field with hard hits while he adds to his 19 career sacks while raising is NFL stock as well. The Detroit Crockett Rocket will build upon his UM legacy by improving on his 2nd team All Big Ten and Bo Schembechler Team MVP performance of 2008. Although he is not the "Spinner" I dream of at 6'2/265, he should have quarterbacks Tim Hiller and Jimmy Clausen's heads' spinning.

# 45, RS Junior, Obi Ezeh LB 

Obi is coming off a quality '08 campaign where he was named All Big Ten HM. For the past two seasons Ezeh has led the team in tackles and will most likely make that streak 3 seasons while anchoring the Wolverines at the MLB position. Obi has been given the distinguished honor of being put on the 2009 Butkus Award watch list and will definitely be a centerpiece to what is shaping up to be one of the best defenses in the Big Ten this season. Look for some increased leadership as opposing running backs will realize that the mouth guard and facemask were necessary in maintaining their facial anatomy when they run into or across the middle against UM and Obi in 2009.

# 3, Senior, Stevie Brown LB

Stevie B. has been one of the most talked about defenders during the offseason as he is making the move from Safety to the Linebacker or second "hybrid" slot under G. Rob. His propensity for huge hits should only increase as he is asked to support the run earlier in the action as well as drop into coverage. With a lack of depth at the LB position and two lock down corners this could prove to be a wise move schematically. I anticipate a big year from #3 in both tackles and interceptions, you should too.

# 68, Sophomore, Mike Martin DT

With the departure of one of UMTailgates favorite players in TT, (until this week that is), we will witness the emergence of MM. Mike Martin already showed moments of brilliance last season as a true freshmen and looks to establish himself as the leagues premiere nose tackle/D-linemen. The Four Star recruit from Detroit Catholic Central seems to be a guy that is going to play at one speed all the time and that is what we will need for success with our thin numbers on the D-Line. So get ready for the Double M chants. (Maybe M squared?)

# 6, Junior, Donovan Warren CB

Donny is a NFL to be cornerback and if you think he 'fell off ' a bit last year, it was undoubtedly due to him being injured. Donovan will re-emerge to eliminate an entire 1/2 of the field and make life alot easier and enjoyable for the aforementioned defenders.  So if its halftime and your saying, where has #6 been?  Thats a good thing!  If some jack-in-the-box QB, ie. Hiller and Clausen to begin with, try to throw at him, we probably will have the ball back.

So there is your quick primer on returning stars the entire depth chart via the Michigan Daily is here

Others to watch for:

#33, Sophomore, Boubacar Cissoko CB:  Should be bang or bust playing opposite a healthy Warren, I vote BANG

#58, RS Sophomore, Brandon Herron LB:  Will he emerge or will true freshmen C. Roh steal time here?  Big ?

#8, RS Junior, Jonas Mouton LB:  Similar situation as Herron, need at least one of two to be real solid

The Sons of Stars:

#29, Junior, Troy Woolfolk S:  Dad was UM All American, can he step in to fill void at safety?

#31, RS Sophomore, Jared Van Slyke S:  Dad was All-Star for Cards and Pirates, son needs to be big hitter w/o bat.

The True Freshmen

#88 Craig Roh OLB:  Pushing for starting spot, projects to be good, real good.

#73 Will Campbell DL:  "Chunky Soup" needs to get refitted to ass whooping shape, will get there eventually!

Well there is our first look at the Defense that will start us towards a championship, whether it is a National Championship, Big Ten Championship, State Championship or County Championship is the big question.  Health and rest by a more productive O will determine this groups legacy!  The talent is there, I expect an OUTSTANDING year from the Wing Tipped Defenders!  Its almost Saturday, Lets Go BLUE!

The Victors Walk

A new tradition begins this year with a weekly "Victors Walk" prior to each home game.  The team will be delivered via bus from their Friday night hotel a few hours before game time.  The players and coaches will be led from their busses to the locker room by the Michigan Marching Band and anticipate large crowds waiting to greet them and "fire" them up.  This is a popular tradition at many schools and I think it is a great idea.  Not sure if many of us will make the jaunt to the drop off point at Crisler Arena from the UMTailgate location but I am just keeping you informed.

Tailgate Prep. (Part I: drink holders)

We have seen articles on this, and many other web sites/blogs, about college football teams around the nation preparing for the upcoming season.  I am positive the players and coaches are giving their all to assure they are prepared for the season opening kickoff that is rapidly approaching.  What I am not as sure of is that all you tailgaters are putting in your preseason work to prepare for this soon to arrive last weekend in August.  So I here to refresh you on some of the essentials.  This weeks lesson, holding your beer. 

The style of play in the Big House is expected to be "new" to us all, but much of the style of the tailgate will remain the same.  Obviously with tailgating comes consuming, and one of the things we consume is beer.  Now Umtailgate has its fair share of visitors, and legends, that partake in other imbibements, but like every other tailgate across the nation, beer is the biggest staple.  Within the last decade or so it has become the sign of any real tailgate beer drinker to show their experience with their own personal can/bottle holder.  Over this period of time we have seen major evolutions and developments in the science of the can holder and almost on a week to week basis we are shocked to see what can now be used to hold a beer.  The purpose of this article is to get your brain stimulated on how you will hold your beer this season.  Will you go with a classic?  Will you blaze your team colors and logo?  Will you be creative, like Coach Rodriguez and come with a whole new approach?  The choice is yours, but now is the time to start preparing as you will need something of quality to hold your beer on August 30th.  We encourage creativity at Umtailgate and also recommend longevity as the first tailgate will entail approximately 7 hours of beer drinking.  If you continue reading I look at some of the can holders that make up Umatilgate history.

The Classics:  The classic way to hold your beverage at Umtailgate is to do so while showing your support your Wolverines.  This can be done in a plethora of ways; a classic foam holder, a bottle zipper or even a molded football player.  This is the safest play and easiest to acquire, so if your are of little creativity this could be your option.

The Weather Dictated:  This option probably won't be one you choose in September, but it comes to the tailgate annually out of necessity.  The "Beer Glove" is commonly used when temperatures drop and a flip flop in science transpires.  In these conditions the beer itself needs no insulation as the weather will keep it cold, however the tailgaters' hands need protection from both the elements and the coldness of the beverage.  If you are a trooper and join Umtailgate later in the season, the Beer Glove will be a nice choice, obviously when using the Beer Glove, a glove with a block M is the best choice.

Tailgate Girls Fist:  This finished #2 in the final poll of best beer holder in Umtailgate history.  It didn't come without controversy however.  The fist itself was originally crafted with a Detroit Tiger Logo and while very creative it also was deemed by some as very obnoxious.  With its conversion, by placing a block M sticker over the old English D, it vaulted into contention for best Umtailage beer holder.  After all voting was in, even though it draws the ire of many contemporary Umtailgaters, it fished in the runner up spot.  This choice of beer holder is a classic example of high risk/high reward.  So if you try to go this way remember that some will give you accolades while others will experience an elevated level of pisstivity.

The Champion:  Hailing from one of the unlikeliest of sources, the champion of the beer holder is none other than Umtailgate Hall-of-Famer Stephen.  Unsure how it was constructed, either by him personally or manufactured, apparently didn't deter voters from giving his modified Nerf football a landslide victory.  This level of creativity would serve you well for the upcoming season and be highly appreciated at the tailgate.  So if one of the lesser creativity speaking members can develop this high level of beer holder, so can you.  Congrats go out to Stephen and his victory!  As we move closer to the season, we are expecting a new level of excitement on the field and demanding a new level of beer holding at the tailgate. I part with this snippet to spur some creativity, we have a theme for each tailgate so crafting a beer holder to fit both the block M and theme would surely be a hit.

Century Mark

by Johnny Cleveland

As you should know by now, our Danser has reached a milestone, continues to reflect upon this accomplishment (?) .  Basic Facts:  The "Streak" began in 1999.  The first game was a home contest against Illinois, UM lost 35 to 29.  The streaker has traveled the country from corner to corner (washington to florida if you will) watched games in 13 states, and passed through damn near every other one gettin there. 

The streaker  has had many emotions and feelings pass through him during the past decade of games, some Saturdays were good, some were bad.  But lets put aside all the triumphs and tribulations and look at the facts, the facts about the 100 straight games he has attended!

UM Football "During the Streak"

  • Overall Record 74-26 (74%)

  • Big Ten Record  51-13 (80%)

  • Vs. Purdue 5-1 (83%)

  • Bowl Games 3-4 (43%)

  • @ the Big House 47-8 (85%)

  • Vs. OSU 3-5 (38%)

  • Vs. MSU 6-1 (86%)

  • Homecoming games 5-2 (71%)

  • Highest Final AP rank = #5 (1999)

  • Lowest Final AP rank = NR (2005)

  • Big Ten Titles = 3 (2000,2003,2004)

Battle for 17 while we drink 40s

by Johnny Cleveland

In a season with a set of continually descending goals, we have an opportunity to capture our first title. Kings of the County. The Wolverines enter Saturday tied for first place in the Big Ten standings with Illinois, Wisconsin and OSU. The Hurons Eagles travel a short 7 miles down Washtenaw Ave. with a .500 mark in the MAC West and an overall record of 2-3. Continue Reading for the tail of the tape and lots of fun linkages!

Last Meeting55-0 Us, Sept. 17, 2005. Series: UM 7-0

EnrollmentEMU (23,000) UM (38,006)

Coaches: EMU (Genyk, 4th year) UM (Carr, last year) *1

  1. Apparently LC coached at EMU as an assistant in the 70's!!

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