Saturday is EVERYTHING

When it's "backyard brawl" week in Michigan, inevitably the question most heard on sports talk radio is "who needs it more?"  The answer to that is simple this season...Michigan.  Rodriguez's opening act in 2008 was a disaster at 3-9, last year's collapse after a 4-0 start was a dagger to the heart, and this year's 5-0 start needs it's validation in the defeat of a secondary rival, our little brother.  A win on Saturday and Michigan really is back.  Back in a bowl, 6-0 for the first time since 2006, and in a position to contend for a Big Ten title.  A loss and it's Harbaugh time unless we beat the Sweatervest.

Michigan State, win or lose, will still be Michigan State.  People are pointing to their soft schedule following the Michigan game, and the fact that they don't play Ohio State this season, saying that Michigan State will be in the driver's seat to challenge OSU for the title.  Right.  I'm sure this is the year that they don't shit the bed.  Win or lose on Saturday, I promise you that they will lose one of their next two games after Michigan (vs. Illinois, at Northwestern), and possibly both.  Sparty is Sparty, and neither Greg Jones nor Dantonio's chest stint are going to will them into being something they are not.

They are stupid.