Motown Listeners' Nightmare

 So our first "Monday" night game on Espn is in the books. It immediately became apparent that the intention of the downward spiraling network, as always these days, was to gimmick up the broadcast. Besides the obvious reasons of not hiring a football ignorant person to blunder through the most sacred weekly television broadcast, they go and add more bizarre graphics and segments than necessary. The only Tony! Tony! Tony! I want to hear sung is "Feels Good" or "If I had No Loot" by the group Tony! Toni! Tone!. I just don't think it's a good idea and seeing how Espn has filled it's airwaves with dorks, see Mr. Leather, Around the Horn Jerk offs, let alone steven a. and stuart. I think this is just another publicity stunt and real fans should be super pissed. I am. I can deal with Theisman, even though he makes his share of idiotic comments at least he had his bone exposed by LT to give him some street cred. Torico I can also handle, he is adequate, but we can only hope they get better, they get a pass this time but they are on a short leash with me.

Now I must admit I didn't hear the whole game cuz I simultaneously watching the Tigers pound Josh Beckett. But here in lies the dilemma, a dilemma i wouldn't wish on a near deaf person, listen to the new crew on Monday or Rod and Mario. I leaned towards the Monday crew because I already know our Detroit boys are winning the race for worst MLB play-by-play this season by more games than the Mets are winning the NL East by, but after a while it was a tough decision. I did listen to the broadcast long enough to hear two or three full innings of special guest Mark "the bird" Fydrich. What a treat that was. It only made me more disappointed I wasn't around yet to see his antics in person, and for all of you that don't know, that shit he did was not an act. Next time this occurs, I am definitely going to listen to Sirius 19, the Buzzsaw, while watching both muted. What would you do??

Ready for some Football?

So I just found out that the NFL network is showing every single NFL preseason game. Also found out that preseason games are not very much fun to watch but it nevertheless got me in the football season mood. Of course the NFL network has many kinks to work out, not least of being only two commercials that contiually loop and make you really want to shoot yourself, but it is a great idea to show all the games. I used the games to reflect and research some of our former standouts from the greatest University to be founded in 1817. Let me start with one of our all time favorites, Mr. John Navarre. This probably was the highlight of my weekend as I realized we still don't have to watch him on Saturday's. Although a not bad 11 for 15 throwing day, 2 of the 4 "non-completions" were actually completed to rookie Anthony Smith of the Steelers' defense. Just like old times, particularly loved the one he tossed while falling down, have never even seen a pop warner kid do such a thing, check that, i have seen Navarre do it a million times, sorry. On the bright side, the studious Larry Foote looked like an All Pro for the defending XL champs. Oh and before i forget, I have never seen a team wear a patch of their stadium on their jersery, ok, we get it its a great place and new and all that but do you really wear a patch depicting it on your jesery??? By the way it kinda looks like its an inflatable stadium doesn't it? Ps- Ernest Shazor had a pick for the Redbirds, although it was negated by a penalty, it was pretty sweet anyway.

Not much else exciting for ex-wolves, they fared much better on the defensive side of the ball, Pierre Woods had 4 tackles and a sack for the Pats. Marlin Jackson equaled his Michigan career total with 3 tackles and Markus Curry led the Chargers with 5 tackles against G.Bay who got two takedowns from Roy Manning. Todd Collins led the offesive standouts with a 6 for 13 effort plus a pick and a fumble for the Skins. Rookie Tim Massaqoui actually caught a ball for the Bucs and BJ Askew had one touch for 4 yards for the Jets. And the biggest news was David Terrell attended the Broncos game in Detroit, he had a run for 10 yards and a 24 yard punt return! Actually 1997 National Champion Brian Griese had a solid showing with a 6/7 day that included to TD's and a total of 134 in limited action for the Bears. My apologies to almost forgetting the special teamers, cuz Jay Feely knocked in a game winning field goal for the Giants.

In closing a couple of things i am elated about this upcoming season, A. That Detroit got rid of Joey Ballgame, his unrefrained joy after scoring a preseason TD was unprecedented, especially after 2 fumbles in the a Miami loss. Actually not unprecedented, he did it all the time here. Good thing there are a lot of "Lions Quarterbacks" in the Miami area for him to loath with this season. B. Thank goodness Vanderbilt comes to town sans Jay Cutler, who looked like the best quarterback ever, albiet it was against the vaunted Honolulu Blue sieveC. That in an effort to further humilate the already ridiculed zebras, the NFL has decided to put their refs in some spandex/leather outfit that crosses the line of ridiculous. Although Joey asked to borrow one to wear out with his backless chaps.

Tonight's monday night game shouldn't be too interesting and the only UM connects include the Vikes Steve Hutchinson, who as you know is a lineman, and transfer Huggie Bear's son. So watch Tigers v. Red Sox.