Case of the Mundy's: Is Everyone Alright? Edition 10/9/06

Coming off quite possibly the greatest day in Michigan/Detroit sports since Woodson won the Heisman and Michigan upset Duke back in '97, it took mere moments...and a shady Lloyd sober you up quickly heading in to Penn State. Mike Hart and Mario Manningham, who by my gorilla math make up about 95% of the Michigan offense, were injured during the scrimmage against Michigan Agricultural College on Saturday. While Hart says he is good to go, Manningham has been shipped to Siberia, and will be unable to discuss his injury (or lack thereof) until Lloyd thinks it's time. Manningham, who provided the miracle finish against Penn State last season in the Big House, will apparently be inactive for this year's contest against the Nittany Lions. He injured his knee in the 3rd quarter and was seen icing it on the bench in the 4th quarter. MGoBlog has received reports from some students that have seen him on crutches on campus. Could be more than just a week...but unless it's six weeks, Mario will be back in time for OSU. I hope am sure Adrian Arrington can fill the role until Mario's return...though it would be nice to have him for Iowa, our last meaningful game until the trip to Columbus.

In a move that will once again test our tailgating endurance, the University, in association with ABC sports, has set a kickoff time of 3:30pm for the Iowa game, extending our planned Italian theme to a 7.5 hour trattoria


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Injury Report:
  • Antonio Bass: out indefinitely

  • Mike Kolodziej: rumor mill finally comes through...Kolodziej has a heart condition and could not be cleared by Michigan's legal department early this season...out for season/career.

  • Tyler Ecker: sprained ankle against Minnesota, questionable for PSU

  • Mario Manningham: knee; out for PSU