What Could Be Better?

by Tuba

Michigan is undefeated and the Tigers are in the World Series! Fantastic. While the exterior is bright and often times blinding, we often forget to see the turmoil of the inner workings. There are many stories that wind up next to the dirty pans on the back stove when things are going this well. But the potential trouble Adrian Arrington is in, the injury to Mario Manningham and the early dismissal to the jovial Dmitri Young from the Tigers have been underlying tremmors in what is a relatively joyous and calm fall. 

Each pre-season in Ann Arbor the hopes of an undefeated season run rampant. Will the defense hold up? How about the quarterback position? Play calling? Question after question finally gets answered during the arduous campaign and yet only one team will remain the victor. And by week eight only a few are left with the same hopes they started the season with. Thankfully, 2006 is one of those seasons for Michigan, and yet the obstables week in and week out are unpredictable...Injuries, court cases, girlfriends...Each player has their own demons. We all have our own demons. So let us pause and take note of what we have and what we are willing to sacrifice to improve upon each day, to make ourselves better and to be productive people in our society no matter our short comings. So at some point this weekend raise a glass (whether it be morgan's, beer or orange juice) to what we have today and not what we hope to have tomorrow.