Case of the Mundy's: Gimmie Them Keys Edition 10/24/06

The story hit locally, and is now getting some national pub, all because some girl couldn't keep her mouth shut about a scuffle over some car keys. It seems the rumors from last week were true, and Adrian Arrington was arraigned on the Wednesday before the Iowa game for a domestic spat with his girlfriend. Lloyd chose to believe AA's story and allow him to play. Now that there is a question of whether alcohol was involved, the 20-year old receiver might have found himself in slightly deeper shit. Link to the freep article here. There's a November 1st court date, and I am hoping for this to all get straightened out with some community service and perhaps a first-half suspension for Ball State. Because while I'm all about class and keeping players in line, that November 1st court date is much less important than November 18th's date with destiny. 

A couple more quick hits from the internet:In What's Wrong With the Message Board News...

The message board is down, but it's not just a problem. Thousands of users of the message board software plugin that is on this site are reporting the same problem. It's some kind of global issue. Hopefully, the creators will have a patch soon. Until then, just use comment posting to get your message out.

Injury Report... 

  • Antonio Bass, Mike Kolodziej...out for season

  • Tyler Ecker, right ankle, return unknown

  • Mike Massey, shoulder, return unknown

  • Reuben Riley, right leg, return unknown