What Have You Been Doing???

Has it really been two months between posts? Has it really been over 6 months since the debacle at the Alamo Bowl? Well, I would love to sit here and tell you that a lot has happened over the past 60 days, but life in the off-season has been as uneventful as ever. The tailgate equipment continues to rest in a storage garage. I wake up around noon on Saturdays. I pass by the Big Under Construction House each and every day, wondering how they're going to finish the installation of the new bench seats on the press box side before the Vandy game. I peruse the internet looking for team reports on this year's opponents, but can only find scraps of spring coverage. We are truly in the dead zone for college football.

But soon the summer solstice will be upon us, and with the turn of July we will celebrate Independence Day. Not long after that, every trip to the grocery store will remind us that college football is not so far away. Street and Smith's, Phil Steele, Lindy's and the Sporting News will all don their regional covers. No doubt you'll be inundated with Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Leon Hall, and Steve Breaston action pics with smaller pics in the corner of the likes of Troy Smith and Drew Stanton. Right now, pre-pre-pre-season prognosticators show the Maize and Blue somewhere between 11 and 17 nationally.

April and May were not completely devoid of sporting content. The Red Wings and Pistons sported league best regular season records before coming apart in the playoffs. The Tigers (my god the Tigers) have the best record in baseball. The Wolverines landed a solid verbal from Ryan Mallet who is being touted as the next John Navarre. The anticipation of his arrival just makes me giddy. I can't wait for the pigskin to start bouncing off of lineman's heads again. On a more serious note, Mallet appears to be recruiting his own lineman. The powers that be have Mallet and fellow Texan J.B. Shugarts rooming together at summer camp, which started today. The M cagers inked a 6'10" transfer Zack Gibson from the basketball powerhouse that is Rutgers. Taking a look at his stats, I imagine that with some serious work, he might just be the next Colin Dill.

On a positive note, we were able to have another tailgate reunion just this past weekend in the name of the blessed union of two UMTailgaters. It was the marriage of the niece of the Captain, and included such attendees as the Godfather, the Godmother, the Goddaughters, Fry Daddy Frank, Goody, Buckmaster, Mrs. Buckmaster, and Janet. I scored an invite as a plus one, and I no doubt had the hottest date in the room. I was welcomed into the family event with open arms, and I must say it was almost worth missing the Tigers at Wrigley. Thanks to Moore's for making me their surrogate son and enabling me to peer into the wonderment of a Goodell family event.

Coming Soon:  NCAA Football drops July 18th for the Xbox 360 so look for the most advanced simulated preview ever

Enjoy the Summer! GO BLUE!!