You Wish You Were 30

In these dreary days of summer, where we sometimes find ourselves staring at the countdown to the season, it's tough to fill the pages here at So I will take a moment to celebrate a very important person, both to The Tailgate, and to the world in general. ME. Several tailgaters enjoyed birthday's last week including Bubba, Goody, and Bloomfield's wife. Let me tell you, it really sucks having a birthday around the 4th of July. Typically, everyone goes somewhere on vacation, makes barbeque plans, goes into hiding, etc. But last week, with the help of my good friend Lisa, many familiar faces gathered to honor my personal entrance into the 4th decade of life. Yes, I am 30. No, it doesn't bother me.

A crazy Saturday night started at Lisa's home, and moved to a roped off area in Conor O'Neill's. Those in attendance treated me as if I just hit 21, as the shots of tequila, whiskey, and jager flowed freely, turning the night into a blur with half dead bodies draped across my apartment. The blur continued Sunday and Monday on a lake just outside of Jackson before commencing with a birthday celebration with my biological family in Canton.

Thanks to everyone involved, and for all the cards, emails, and especially voicemails. Who knows? You might make it on to next year's season in review video.

It was a great weekend that reminded me that you are only as old as your drinking ability. Perhaps you know my two young friends Godfather and Captain Michigan?

The clock is ticking... 7ยฝ weeks.

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