Case of the Mundy's: 8/14/2006

Injury Report Remains Unchanged 

"Based on overall instinct, gut, everything, I'm playing next year regardless, whatever it takes, I'm playing. I've told everybody that... It's not worrisome to me at all," said Bass, one of six freshmen who played last year. "I put it in God's hands; whatever happens, happens. I don't believe it is (career-ending); I never will. As long as everything goes according to plans, I'll be playing next year."

Injury concerns seem to still be starting and stopping with Antonio Bass. His future remains in doubt, but apparently his passion does not.

From the internet to you, rounding out the weekend that was:In continuing website update news:
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So it's with great joy that I announce that the full migration from old to is complete. Still have some finishing touches to put on it, and of course I'm always up for suggestions. Leave me some feedback in the comments section on what you'd like to see on

Also, don't miss this week's upcoming edition of Hard Hittin' Thursdays, where The Hammer will be dropping another first rate interview upon us.