Case of the Mundys: Too Much Monday Night Football Edition

There's a game just starting right now at 10:30pm. Looks like a little overkill for the folks at ESPN in this opening weekend. But it's nice to have Brad Nessler in the background as I sit down to write this week's injury report. A little housekeeping first...

The game time for our next home game has been set. The Big Ten opener against Wisconsin will kickoff at noon EST, and will be nationally televised on ESPN. The tailgate theme for this game will be Tex Mex, which opens up the menu to a plethora of delicious delights, highlighted by rumors of a BBQ beef brisket from Fry Daddy Frank. I'm thinking of going with baby backs...but there's a lot of business to take care of before then. Feel free to chime in the comment thread on this post to tell us what you are bringing. We can adorn the tailgate with country cowboy deco, wear cowboy hats, and I'd appreciate it if someone could bring a mechanical bull. Oh, and a hot chick from Texas to ride it in chaps.

In typical pre-game media hype fashion, Notre Dame has moved back up to #2 in the AP poll and #3 in the USA Today Poll. Previews will come in droves this week, but I'd like to start by pointing out my lack of confidence in a positive outcome Saturday afternoon. It's perhaps my first taste of what everyone else seems to be already chewing on. I don't want to go to South Bend, where the pageantry and tradition matches the Big House, and where the Fighting Irish have owned us since 1994. It's the first road game of the season, and we haven't won the first road game of the season since a 1999 win at Syracuse. As everyone likes to point out, we've played a couple of patsies, and Notre Dame has played a couple of household names. They've got the genius Fat Bastard, we've got the hot seat.

Yes I know it's cliché, when in reality the most important game is the next one, but on Saturday we will reach a crossroads. The historical perspective and reputation of our coach, our team, and our legacy will be on the line... I just hope the team isn't cowering under the pressure the way that I am. Someone is returning to glory on Saturday, and I wish I could do more than just hope that it's Michigan.

Enough of that, on to the injuries...

  • Antonio Bass: knee, out for season

  • Mike Kolodziej: undisclosed, out for season

  • Chris Graham: missed CMU with thigh injury, will return for ND

  • Eugene Germany: missed CMU with undisclosed injury, will return for ND

  • Tyler Ecker: was in street clothes for 2nd half of CMU, no word on if he will be back for ND

  • Carlos Brown: strep throat, saw limited action against CMU, should be ready to run the Antonio Bass set against ND

That's all for tonight, you stay classy Columbus.