Way Back When-sday: September 11, 2001

Though you may be at your limit for 9/11 rehashes this week, I couldn't help but make this week's Way Back Whens-day refer to the day America was attacked. Coming off of the only week where a game has been suspended due to weather, I would like to take you back to the only time a game has ever been cancelled...

A large contingency of UMTailgaters made their way out west to see Michigan fall to the Washington Huskies on September 8th. A disappointing game, yes, but it was a great trip to the great Northwest, filled with amazing mountain views and large portions of salmon. Most of us made our way back to Michigan on Sunday and Monday, but a few Wolverine faithful had a Tuesday flight. A flight that they would never take. Following the attacks on the World Trade Center, all flights were grounded, and the Godfather and friends opted to rent a car and make their way back to Michigan on the road. With two of our regulars hailing from New York City, we were all thankful that our group's tragedy was nothing but a bit of inconvenience.

In the aftermath of 9/11, the University of Michigan opted to cancel the weekend's game against Western Michigan. 

A team shift allowed for minimal changes to the schedule, and we all gathered the following week for the Western Michigan game, where we established the now famous Bin Lotto. The team flags had come down from around The Big House, replaced by half-mast American flags. In the stands, 100,000+ gathered and stood in silence and remembrance, and united in song for the National Anthem and God Bless America.