Case of the Mundys: 33.3333333333333% of the Way to BCS Championship Game Edition

4-0. Four wins. No Losses. Do you remember where you were when Michigan was last 4-0? It's hard to believe that it was seven long years ago. There was no Bubba and Stephen's consecutive game streak stood at a paltry 29 games, and it was three games before I even started mine. Bill Clinton was President of the United States, and we were only 17 games removed from our National Championship of 1997. It's difficult to come to grips with the fact that it has been so long since we made it through September with our National Championship hopes fully intact.

I'm not ready to book my tickets to Arizona just yet, and it would be cliche to say that "the time is now," but think about how quickly your attitude has changed regarding this team. At Notre Dame, you couldn't relax until Lamar Woodley sealed it with his fumble recovery for a touchdown late in the 4th quarter, despite the massive lead throughout the contest. Against Wisconsin, you were confident throughout, and knew it was over when a second Henne-to-Manningham made it 17-10 midway through the 3rd. That's what defensive domination does. That's what special teams domination does. It breeds confidence. It wins games. We are the polar opposite of 2005. Every quarter we get stronger. We shine in the 2nd half. We overcome mistakes by forcing our opponent to make them.

There are four games remaining before three weeks of preparation for Ohio State. One of revenge, one against the red-headed step child, one against a legendary coach under the lights, and one against a team that once embarrassed us on our homecoming. Win those four, and the path to Columbus is set.

We commence these final four games with something we haven't had to do in twenty years, go to Minnesota and re-claim the Little Brown Jug.

Weekend highlights from all those damn internets...

  • Filed under "I've heard that before," Steve Breaston is on the verge of breaking out. [Freep]

  • In an only slightly suitable for work posting, here's a little big something you might not know about Mike Hart. [Deadspin]

  • Funny Lloyd made an appearance at the presser on Monday [MGoBlue]:
I normally don't criticize our players, but I'm very disappointed in Rueben Riley because Rueben and Jake Long have been bugging me since they got here to get a pass to them, to let them carry the ball. So I designed that play to get Rueben a pass. I don't like what he did with the ball. He lost five yards. He didn't run with it. That play's out of our playbook.
  • Don't you think that "Hart for Heisman" has a nice ring to it? thinks so. []

  • Manningham goes back-to-back, and as a nod to Michigan's defense, Wisconsin's punter earned weekly honors with 514 yards of punts. Perhaps they should have factored in Steve Breaston negating 116 yards of it...a school record. []

  • Badger Sports thinks Ann isn't quite performing up to her potential. [Badger Sports]

  • The Angel's recap. Always sweet and to the point. [Detroit News]
Injury report:
  • Antonio Bass: same crap, out for season

  • Mike Kolodziej: same mystery, but I'm getting better at spelling his name every week...too bad he's never suiting up again

  • Chris Graham: right hamstring pull; did not dress for Wisco, questionable for Gophers