by Johnny Cleveland

I decided to write this while we were still undefeated. That way I can bitch about this "organization" without it looking like I am whining cuz we got screwed. And don't worry eventually we will get screwed (again) by Mr. NCAA/BCS.

Problem 1Striped Idiots

Since its football season we will start there and with the NCAA officiating crews. First as an unrelated side bar, let me point out the ironic ness that officials wear striped uniforms and are frequently reffered to as zebras and zebras I believe are a close relative, if not family member, of the Jackass. Kinda funny isn't it? Needless to say, they all to commonly perform at sub par levels, and I am not ever getting into basketball, see Hightower. The latest glaring set of incompetents came 1.5 weeks ago in the Oklahoma @ Oregon debacle. Besides ruining the outcome of the game, the refs couldn't even get it right on replay. And then the replay guy gets threats on his and/or his family's lives. That really makes one want to grow up and be a ref now doesn't it.

Solution 1: A. Real Solution - get a uniform set of rules and officials and disperse them to games on a national level. And prioritize big games and give them the best officials. B. Short Term - At least get neutral officials for non conference games.

Underlying Solution 1: Although I admit some level of mental retardation must exist to not correct the aforementioned Sooner-Duck call after viewing the replay, at no point should a man and his family be threatened over a non-professional sporting event. If the NCAA/BCS would fix this lousy Bowl Game System then it wouldn't even have been a big deal. It is a big deal because under the current system basically Oklahoma is fucked. Its happened to us many a times, and often not due to refs I might add, but how awful is it when your National Title hopes are ruined in week 2. Pretty shitty, therefore if there was a playoff system, like there is in every other conceivable contest at every level when a title is going to be awarded, then yes, Oklahomians would still be pissed, but they would at least have a chance to redeem themselves in January. (Just an aside in case you ever get this trivia question. And this is some crazy shit, Did you know that the replay official that blew the call was actually on the field for the Cal-Stanford "band is on the field" game, and allegedly was the ref who was supposed to have seen the final and illegal lateral??, Can't make this stuff up if I tried)

Problem 2: National Title Continued

While on the topic of F'in up the National Title let me bring in another instance of NCAA/BCS blunder. Now I must admit at the time I didn't give 2 shits about Auburn and their 2004 title game snub, but upon further review it really pisses me off. First of all i wasn't too schooled on the quality of the SEC, but its absolute bullshit. Currently their are 5 teams from the SEC in the top AP 18, (plus Bama if they could make a PAT) your telling me that going thru that and the SEC title game undefeated doesn't get you in??? Which brings us back to Michigan, how shitty is the possibility of going into C-bus with both teams 11-0 and the loser has no chance at playing for the title. So possibly the two best teams play two months earlier and then one has no chance due to the schedule.

Solution: Tourney Time

Wouldn't be absolutely insane to have a tournament and maybe get a rematch, obviously I am talking for the OSU fans here because we are winning the first game. Besides that scenario, how crazy F'in nuts would December be with college football tournament games every weekend leading up to Christmas. America would officially go Bizerk! Once again Mr. NCAA/BCS puts a damper on our fun.

Problem 3: Cause for Insanity

Cases 1 and 2 (Mike and Mo) - Although meself loves to laugh at the man formerly know as Mo Clarett, it truly is a sad sad story. Basically his life is over, and guess who is to blame. Mr. NCAA. Now I am not getting into all the obvious shortcomings of "mo" hisself, but if you challenge a NFL rule and win in court, anyone would leap at the chance to make many many millions. So don't you just think that maybe if later on the ruling gets overturned, it would be a little obligatory to let the boy back in school? I know he probably would have done something else to get booted, actually i think he did, but its still bullshit. Now his productive life is over, and he can't even do any crazy shit to make us laugh cuz he's locked up. Double NCAA whammy. And let us not forget the many other people's lives that has been subsequently ruined/ or should i say re-ruined because of the NFL overturned law. I am talking about Lions Fans, we get NCAA reject Big Mike Williams sitting on the sidelines. His life is ruined and alot of Detroiters Sunday's are shot for yet another year because the NCAA wouldn't let him back in and he got fat and slow and Millen still drafted him.

Case 3Buffalo Soldier

Let us not forget the brilliant ruling by the NCAA to not allow skier Jeremy Bloom raise money so he could possibly go the Olympics as a skier. Now I hate the Buffaloes just as much as you do, but come on, making someone ineligible for wanting to represent the stars and stripes, Mr. NCAA should be deported. Stephen, make a call.

Case 4: More insanity

Besides Mo C going off the deepend, what about the DIII back up punter stabbing the starting punter so he could play. At first glace you say, shit i could probably be a DIII punter if I worked at it. Then you say, I don't know a single DIII school at all, I wonder if there are any around here. And then finally after that you say, it must be the NCAA's fault.

Case 5: Even Mentally and Physically challenged Rick Reilly knows how dumb the NCAA is

Read his article on this over the top dumb decision that wasn't even the poor kids fault.

I could go on but I am getting so pissed at the NCAA I gotta stop writing.

1 more thing: How can an organization maintain any level of respectability when they allow a jackhole name Musburger call some of its most important and historic contests?