Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....We're Halfway There

If you don't love Bon Jovi...you don't love yourself. And if you don't love Mike Hart, tell me where to meet you for your well-deserved ass kicking.

On a day that felt often felt Appstateish (a word soon to be added to Webster's) 

Mike Hart became the all-time leading rusher in Michigan history, solidifying his place among the all-time greats to wear the winged helmet. And despite a body, speed, and skill set that is likely not made for the next level, you should know that Mike Hart will be a beacon for the University of Michigan regardless of what kind of career he has in the NFL. He is the face of this team. He is the voice of this team. And I'm not just talking about this year, I'm speaking (typing) in much broader terms. Mike says all the right things, but more importantly, he means everything he says. He believes in this program more than you do. It's unfortunate that this team and this coaching staff can't get him what he so aptly deserves: a National Championship, a Heisman trophy, and the proverbial ride off into the sunset. But the funny thing is, he could care less at this point. He is content in single handedly keeping this team together, keeping this team winning. As far as Michigan Men go...Mike Hart is Maize and Blue perfection. Undersized and underestimated, a will and a determination that cannot be measured, a true believer in "the team, the team, the team." He is in a nutshell the athletic embodiment of Bo himself.

Congratulations Mike.

So, we're 4-2 after six games, the halfway point of the 2007 regular season campaign. Unfortunately, out of those 6 games, we have only managed to play well once, and that was against the worst team ever. Despite the smoke and mirrors of winning four straight, we have not recovered from the two early season losses. We still come out stagnant week after week, needing a second-half, and sometimes 4th quarter wake-up call to win games against inferior teams. We still play down to the opponent.

What looked like mid-October garbage games coming into the season are now huge. A ranked Purdue team on homecoming and a road trip to Champaign to play an upstart Illinois team that runs a spread. Follow that up with what will be (one way or another) a November to remember. What I'm getting at is that the season hasn't even started yet. And that's good, because we haven't really started playing yet.

The Urban-themed tailgate went off without a hitch. There wasn't a whole lot of Urban flair to it, but we weren't short on food. Country style breakfast, sweet potato pie, cinnamon rolls, black-eyed pea stew, and pulled pork were just some of the delicious delights that adorned the tailgate tables. Noticeably absent: cheesy potatoes...and the Godfather. Captain Michigan was forced into the leadership role once again, and with his poignant and speedy announcements, his ignoring of the newcomers to the tailgate, and his amazing move to gather us together for a group picture, he showed once again why he is not just an alcoholic crazy man...but a leader of alcoholic crazy men (and women).