The Weekend Roundup: The Gambler Edtion 10/9/07

On a warm summer's evenin', on a train bound for nowhere. I met up with Les Miles, we were both too tired to sleep.

There were basically three main stories on the Saturday: Mike Hart becomes Michigan's all-time leading rusher

Stanford upsets USC. LSU beats Florida. All three were smothered in maize and blue.

Mike Hart:

  • Obviously a Michigan story...not much to add here.

Stanford over USC:

LSU beats Florida:

The world revolves around the Wolverines, folks. No other unranked team has ever had their mid-season non-conference game against directional Michigan lead mid-day college football highlight reels.

What happened elsewhere around the internets while you totalled up your amount due to the RIAA....

There's a rumor that Harbaugh just called Pete Carroll "my bitch" in the post-game press conference.
There is nothing better in CFB than seeing your team "upset" an opponent on their home turf. For those of you who have yet to see the Cats play in Spartan Stadium, I highly recommend it.
I am sold. I will sign on the line that is dotted. Get some coffee, Les.
"I don't know what the boosters are paying their players," he said. "They've done a better job recruiting. They have plenty of athletes. I've been around them for four years, and they are leaps and bounds from where I saw them."
The Boston Globe reports that no one noticed the in-flight movie, the 2003 Al Pacino film "The Recruit" also starred Tom Brady's ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. As soon as her name appeared in the opening credits, someone reportedly had the movie replaced.