The Weekend Roundup: "Fiesta" Edition : 12/17/2007

It's a party. You're invited.

To say that RichRod's exodus to A2 is on the tongue of the collective mainstream media would be a gross understatement. Everybody has weighed in, and have done so with similar opinions: amazing hire, welcome to the 21st century, the Wolverines are back. All great things, all nearly unsurmountable expectations. If RichRod lives up to the hype, the Wolverines will be an unstoppable machine in a new stadium. If he doesn't, we will be relegated to "same poop, different pants." We should land somewhere in the middle. Continuing our winning tradition, but doing so with a new level of excitement.

The expectation will no longer be with the position. The gameplan will change. No longer will we line up and say that "this is Michigan football," same as it was last week, and same as it was the last time you played us. Change. Change that is bigger than a coach and his philosophies. It's a change in attitude. Swagger. Chest bumps. Heisman poses. Confusing the sweatervest. Fun. Real big fun. And you won't have to wait until August...because there will be a SPRING GAME.

Steel wool would be required to remove the smile from my face right now.

The internets provided ample content this weekend while you and Kramer figured out just how far you could go: