The Sweet Sixteen

Typically by Thursday evening on the first day of the NCAA Tournament some genius (sometimes several) have already lost their champion. It took until Saturday this year, easily the longest I've had to wait to poke fun at the tournament pool's first casualty. So here's to you, guy that picked Maryland...we appreciate you and your donation.

Sunday claimed 8 more prognosticators through the elimination of Texas and Wisconsin. In the future, refrain from picking teams that have lost to Michigan State (like Texas). Yes, the same Michigan State that is considered some kind of basketball powerhouse and yet is 1-2 in the NCAA tournament in the last 2 years, and has just one National Championship in the last 27 years. As for Wisconsin, well, they're in the Big Ten, a conference that managed to keep just one team in the tournament through the first weekend.

With the field dwindling, it may be best to look at both the "current standings" and the "projected standings" to get a better idea of where you sit in the pool.