That Patrick Is No Saint

Once again, a rouge group of UMTailgaters made their way to Conor Oneill's for a full day of festivities. A 7:05am arrival left us table-less, but after throwing around some cash, we invaded the table of a few youngsters that had gotten in line at 4:30am. We almost felt guilty that we had sauntered in the back door with our passes avoiding the two-block long line out front...almost.

It wasn't, for me at least, the same level of debauchery as the previous year, but some members of our group did make it through the entire 19 hour marathon. Let me tell you, the elusive 7am to 2am bar run is quite the accomplishment, and it leaves you swearing you'll never do it again. But, a year passes between St. Patrick's Days, and sometimes you forget. Thankfully, I did not, checking out at the 13 hour mark with my pair of bloodshot eyes.

The constant flow of Guinness bordered on the embarrassing, and the Irish culinary delights seemed to arrive plate after plate. While the food was great, it didn't quite keep me from my urge to move to Sauget, Illinois. Somebody get FryDaddy on the horn.

Of course, the groundbreaking news that we were all waiting for was passed to me in the men's room, and that made the day so much sweeter.

Thanks to all that made their way out. I will never do it can't wait to do it again next year.

Pictures are available here.

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