A Rematch

Ohio State is in the National Championship game...again.

A feeling of sickness grows in my stomach at Ohio State's dominance in the two major college sports. There is only one remedy for this horrible situation, and that is for Ohio State to lose...in embarrassing fashion...to the same school that embarrassed them in the BCS championship game back in January. Ohio State's 2007 legacy will then become that of perennial bridesmaid, a college version of the Buffalo Bills. That would, in a way, put a band aid on this giant open wound, stopping the bleeding for just long enough to hire a decent basketball coach, and for the winged helmets to take the field again.

But I digress, there are more important things to worry about than who is going to win the tournament....like who is going to win the UMTailgate.com tournament challenge. There are just two possible scenarios...

If Florida beats Ohio State...here are the winners.

If Ohio State beats Florida...here are the winners.

Thanks to all that participated, and congrats in advance to our winners.