An otherwise subdued afternoon at Fraser's Pub turned raucous as the crew arrived in droves to eat, drink, and reminisce. The winter meetings were held, and after inebriated deliberation, the 2007 themes were decided. A brief recap follows... 

  • Captain Michigan told Frank (The Webmaster) to "kiss his ass"

  • Shep will organize the first annual golf outing. It will be held in Coldwater, Michigan. Details to follow.

  • Dennis "The Godfather" Moore failed to bring his mug to a event for the first time in history.

  • Captain Michigan requested that Lisa choke on her nacho so that he may administer mouth-to-mouth.

  • Captain Michigan will turn 60 at this year's Ohio State game.

  • Gar from Garsworld has issued an RV challenge for the @ Illinois tailgate and game.

Themes will be as follows:

  • 9/1 Appalachian State: The Luau

  • 9/8 Oregon : Flip the Bird - A tailgate filled with middle fingers and culinary delights from the world of poultry. Fried turkeys may be a possibility.

  • 9/15 Notre Dame : Irish Fayre - Corned beef, cabbage, Sheppard's Pie, and the like

  • 9/22 Penn State : The Carnival - Elephant ears, corn dogs, popcorn, dogs, nachos, cheesesteaks, and maybe a couple of midgets

  • 9/29 At Northwestern : TBD

  • 10/6 Eastern Michigan : The Urban Tailgate - A classic theme filled with soul food and 40's

  • 10/13 Purdue : The Mardi Gras theme reappears for the Webmaster's 100th game.

  • 10/20 At Illinois : The dueling Winnebagos

  • 10/27 Minnesota : Soups and Stews precludes the possible year end banquet date

  • 11/3 At Michigan State : TBD

  • 11/10 At Wisconsin : TBD

  • 11/17 Ohio State : "South of the Border" theme with bloody marys. In honor of Captain Michigan's birthday, it has been requested that we all dress like Rubly.

Detailed minutes will be available soon.

Thanks to all that came out. It was no doubt our largest reunion ever!