Weekend Roundup, Girls In Uniform Edition: Monday, June 16, 2008

  • Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News took a moment to jab at Ann Arbor and your Wolverines at a commencement address. (via MVictors) Why is he so pro-Columbus? Because after stints at Brookdale Community College, George Washington University, and the Catholic University of America, he surfaced without a degree. Enter The Ohio State University, who was more than willing to pony up one of their worthless pieces of paper bestowing upon B-Dub an honorary Docterit of Journalizem. That finally answers the question "Are they just giving degrees away?" Not that you're watching his broadcasts, but if you find yourself forgetting to change the channel after My Name is Earl...now would be the time.

  • Brian Cook of MGoBlog fame posts at his other venue The Fanhouse about "Ohio State: where you can wear a blue diaper in a creepy clinical environment... and have it broadcast to the world!." Seriously, this IS creepy. Why is this footage available? They can't tell me about a college player's injury because of privacy concerns, but they can show me everything short of TP turning his head and coughing.

  • What all the ladies have been waiting for...the Kirk Herbstreit sextape. (via EDSBS)

  • The Toledo Blade covers Michigan's "Life Without Hart" because Ohio is really more concerned with Michigan football then they are with the Buckeyes being the Buffalo Bills of college athletics. One poignant piece of info in this article: Mike Hart went 1005 carries without a fumble, which is the most impressive stat in the history of sport.

  • The Sporting News gives you the top ten mascots you'd want on your side in a barfight. #4 on the list is the beloved Wolverine, which has "a legendarily horrific odor, can eat frozen meat off the bone with ease and possess such disproportionate strength...can take down a moose in the right circumstances." Bring on the Moose.

  • Epke Udoh has officially transferred to Baylor. (via UMHoops) Let's wish Epke the best of luck in surviving the rigors of Baylor Basketball.

  • Full coverage on the "depths" of Michigan Football at Sunday Morning QB. It's a pretty good preseason primer that references Athlon's prediction that Utah, Michigan State, ND, and Purdue are automatic wins. That's some funny stuff right there.

  • We've got uni's. MGoBlog with the help of the fanbase has uncovered the new Adidas jerseys. Even better, they were found draped over boobs at the Michigan Football Women's Academy. Home hereAway here. I can't believe I have to buy another jersey.