Canadian Michigan Fans Giving Life and Limb for Season Tickets

Brian remarked today in the Fanhouse that of the 84 handicap seats that are being added to the Big House for next season, only 14 have been sold.  Marty Bodnar says these seats are for handicap patrons only, so they are trying to get the word out to the handicapped community.  Meanwhile, I was on the waiting list for 6 years before I got the privilege of being able to purchase 2 seats in section 9.  Brian jokes...

Keep this in mind if you see a headline like "UNEXPLAINED RASH OF AMPUTATIONS ACROSS MICHIGAN" sometime in the next couple months.

Funny?  Yes.  Until you see this...

A woman on a beach near Campbell River, a fishing town on Vancouver Island, discovered a right foot inside a black Adidas men's running shoe, witness Sandra Malone told AFP.

"You could see the two bones coming up out of the shoe," said Malone, who manages a tourist campground 220 kilometers (137 miles) northwest of Vancouver. "It's just the bone and a lot of seaweed around the ankle," she said.

They even went with Adidas in celebration of the latest athletic department contract.  And I thought that the $500 I dropped on OSU tix in 2006 was a sacrafice!  These are the real fans.  O' Canada, we stand on guard for thee.