Godfather Just Wants to Have Fun

About once a week, the planning committee has a conference call with the menu organization team.  Translation:  I talk to the Godfather.  This week, The Godfather expressed displeasure with the verbose tone of the recent posts on UMTailgate.com.  "Not enough fun," he said.

Despite retiring at a very young age and leeching a living off of Red Grandma, The Godfather is a very busy person.  He takes out the garbage, he does the grocery shopping in nearby South Bend, he buys Michigan stuff on ebay, he puts gas in the lawnmower so Red Grandma can cut the grass, and most importantly, he schedules "events."  Not being allowed by Red Grandma to mix a Captain and Coke when alone, these "events" give the Godfather the freedom to imbibe.

He hasn't had an open weekend since 1973.

Recently, one of the Godfather's "events" took him to the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo.  In between appointments with the one armed bandits, he bumped into Hall of Fame Coach Mike Ditka.  They talked for a while (I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that exchange) with Godfather most likely divulging his entire life story, and Ditka revealing that his morning winnings totalled in the six-figure range...which I am sure was just a bit over what The Godfather had won.


This weekend, he will make the trek accross the state to Comerica Park for the Saturday night Tiger game.  I will join him there at some point and there will likely be some more fun...and casinos...and maybe even some fresh pics for the site.  Stay tuned.