We're Kind of a Big Deal

Saturday by the numbers...

10 lbs of corned beef hash

54 eggs

6 pounds of chicken apple sausage

100 lbs. of grilled Kraft Macaroni and Cheese...which was, by the way, really good

24 lbs. of marinated pork loin

10 lbs. of bacon and kimchee fried rice

...and that's just what came off of the grill.

For the christening of our new tailgate spot and a celebration of 10 years of tailgating these internets, I'd say things went pretty well.  Couple that with the re-dedication of Michigan Stadium, Brock Mealer touching the banner, and Flash Dilithium re-introducing himself to the world...and I'd say the whole damn thing was pretty much perfect.

Thanks go out to Andrew Barnett for setting us up with the people of Kraft, and for all of his hard work making sure we had enough product to go around.  Thanks to Brian and Kevin for turning that Mac and Cheese out by the ton.  Thanks also to big #37 Jarrett Irons for being so accessible, so warm and welcoming, and for spending so much time talking to our group.

Here's the pictures from the Luau tailgate and Michigan's 30-10 victory over the UCONN Huskies: