Jackrabbits Thwarted, Madness Takes Down 9 Brackets

A good box-score victory for the Wolverines, and lots of chalk for a day one.  The big upset didn't come until it was technically day two (on the East coast).  But old friend Tommy Ammaker and his band of tuition paying dorks managed to knock off New Mexico and put a red 'X' a final four team for 9 of the 108 participants in the 2013 UMTailgate.com tournament challenge.  

Pretty good day overall though....nobody lost a champion, or even a semi-finalist.  That's a very collectively successful first day of the tournament, so kudos to you all.

Note that the following links will work for participants only, but Steve Watters,  Patrick Higgins,  CJ King,  Digger's Green Highlighter,  and Allison Kopf are all sitting pretty with 14 points, missing only 2 on day one.  Respectable.  

On with the madness...