Theme Revealed: 9/14 Akron

Let's make pizza together in this thing...


I've been practicing knocking out Naples-quality pies all spring in the KettlePizza, and I will continue to do so throughout the summer.  I've made some modifications to my setup and I think I've got it down.  It's a labor of love...and massive piles of fresh mozzarella.  Anyway, this little contraption turns out a badass pizza in less than two minutes, so there should be no problem feeding the crowd.

9/14/13 Akron
Kickoff: Noon
Theme: Pizza Party

Early kickoff means pizza for breakfast?  Yep, it's just like college.  We'll do a couple of breakfast pies early (bacon and egg, etc) before moving into some traditional (pepperoni, mushroom, etc.) topped ones later in the morning.  We'll do some crazy ones too I'm sure.  I'll bring the dough and a plethora of meats and cheeses, but we'll definitely open it up to the masses to bring your own toppings.  Unlike Kramer's place, I'll be the only one sliding it in to the oven.  The damn thing gets about 3X as hot as the turkey frier oil.  

We will have some sides too I'm sure, likely pastas and salads, and maybe a keg of beer is in order?  Pizza and beer...sounds like a plan.  Bonus points to whoever can get us an arcade size Ms. Pac Man or Galaga to perfect the ambiance.

Also, following the tailgate, I am tentatively officially announcing the first annual UMTailgate Aprés Tailgate.  Why?  Partially because I always wanted to but never had the opportunity, and partially because I'm getting married to our cakemaker over the summer and we want a chance to celebrate with everybody.  Obviously, it will be limited to our tailgate members and their guests only, and will take place at our home following the game.  Not exactly sure what it will entail, but there will be food...and football games on the tv.  Details to follow at a later date.