Tournament Challenge By the Numbers...

Interesting facts about the 14th annual tournament challenge:

  • 93 brackets got in before the first game tipped off, the 3rd most in history
  • With the suggested donation increase, this will be the largest prize pool we've ever had
  • Homers: 30 people, nearly 1/3 of the participants, have Michigan in the Final 4, 19 have them in the final game, and 12 have them winning the National Championship.
  • Savvy or Hating Ohio?  16 people had it right, picking Dayton over the Buckeyes.  Only two Big Ten lovers took Ohio to the Elite 8...nobody took them further.
  • 12 Teams were chosen as National Champions:
    • Florida 24, MSU 19, UM 14, Louisville 9, Arizona 7, Virginia 4, Wichita State 4, Syracuse 4, Duke 3, Kansas 3, Villanova 1, Iowa St, 1
  • The highest seed selected to make it to the Final Four is 7th seeded Oregon.
  • Three hours in to the tournament and only 16 of 93 brackets remain perfect.