Round 1 Comes to a Close


That was uninspired, or at least uninspiring.  The WOLVERINES, and due to the new Adidas alternates there's no doubt that's who we are, mailed in a 17-point victory against Wofford, playing much of the second half just a small Terrier run from having an "upset alert" broadcast from the NCAA tournament app.  It's tough to pretend it doesn't matter, but it doesn't.  There are no style points here.  Tournament play, especially the one game elimination variety, does not require you to be good...or motivated.  It only requires you to win.  We just have to have our shit together enough to make it to the next round.  No doubt a time will come in the next week (or two) where we will need to be good AND motivated, hell that time might be tomorrow at 5:15pm, but fortunately that time was not last night.

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Michigan moves on to play Texas, and I won't pretend I've seen them play at all this year.  But Johnny Cleveland and I did see the TJ Ford led Longhorns fall to Carmello Anthony in New Orleans in 2003, and they have the same coach as they did then (Rick Barnes), so there's that.  I also remember with great clarity falling to Texas in the first round of the 1996 tournament.  So let me give you my expert opinion:  Worry about rebounding and what we might do if our shooting goes cold.  And you may feel free to copy-paste that into all future 2014 NCAA tournament games.

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I am also a expert in classic porn.  Texas has a player named Jon Holmes.  This could be a problem.

Go Blue!

UMTailgate Tournament Challenge

One man stands alone at the top of the list after day one...Digger's Maize Highlighter got 15 of the 16 day one games correct.  Eight participants behind him are tied for second with 14 of 16.  Three participants bursting with Big 12 love lost a Final Four team (Oklahoma), one of which became the "Thanks for your $20" Bracket of the Day:

Ahhh, yes, taste the tears.  Gotta say though, I've seen MUCH worse after previous year's day ones.  We're all still in it, and that's saying something.

Enjoy the games!