Day 2 UMTailgate Tournament Challenge Roundup


While it rarely translates to overall greatness, first round game picking greatness is something that should be revered.  And yes, I'm aware that the powers that be are attempting to shove the idea that the play-in games are round 1 and what we witnessed on Thursday and Friday was round 2.  But there's literally no one that thinks that isn't stupid.  Anyway, a shout out to bracket entry "Digger's Maize Highlighter" for getting 29 of 32 in a round of 64 that was complete madness.  His bracket has a two-point lead on the entire field.  He picked all three 12 seed upsets...and even picked the one 5 seed (St. Louis) that advanced.  He also had all the 7-10 match ups correct.  So, ya, raise a glass. some other bullet points:

  • Close:  One bracket went 27 of 32, good enough for 2nd place, and 8 brackets are tied at 26.
  • Loveable Retard: Only one bracket took Mercer over Duke...and that bracket belongs to our own Baby Gorilla (pictured above)
  • Next time flip a coin:  Five brackets only managed to get 20 of the 32, good for the very back of the pack
  • Future Mortgaged:  12 people lost a Final Four team when Duke went down, 8 of those took them as far as the championship game, and 3 had them winning the whole damn thing.  One bracket had Oklahoma St in the Final Four.

And finally, our "Thanks for your $20" bracket of the day is the only participant that lost two Final Four teams in the round of 64, as the Duke vs. Oklahoma matchup in Dallas just isn't going to happen.  This bracket is also starting the day today having lost 12 of the sweet sixteen before the teams even take the court...