Weekend Roundup Has A Checkered Past, February 22, 2016

  • OK, so on this day in UMTailgate history I asked for you to support Rich Rod and clearly called out Harbaugh.  In my defense I was still pissed about that shot he took at us. 
  • The embedded video below is poorly acted, but its message is clear and poignant.  However, due to the fact that I'm getting older and less of the people around me are planning nuptials, I would like to also add in a request for people to not die during football season.  Thanks.
  • Maryland loss recaps from UMHoops and MGoBlog
  • Coach K's nickname for Grayson Allen is "asshole". 
  • They may never rebuild the program, but they can rebuild the statues, minus a pointing finger.  That finger probably pointed at a redheaded former qb turned assistant coach at some point and was accompanied by the words "if you keep your mouth shut about that child rape you saw, I'll promote you."
  • Details on how the Hawkeyes can close the gap and overcome Big Ten powerhouse Michigan State.  Can't tell how many levels of sad there are for me in that last sentence. 
  • Jim Harbaugh held a 90-minute autograph session on Friday from 3-4:30p.  It was limited to 200 people, so they handed out wrist bands at 9am.  There were 100 people in line already at 5am.