That One Bracket

Just home from Indy and still licking my wounds, I decided to check on the brackets to see who wins for each of the 8 remaining scenarios of the Final Four.  It's always a fun part of the tournament, with typically 5 or 6 people still having a chance at 1st.

But not today.  

For the first time since I've been running a pool, which is 25 years, all that's left to decide going in to the Final Four is 2nd and 3rd place.  So bow down folks, and congratulations Chris Grant.

And here are the scenarios...

And that's it folks.  Congrats to the winners.  More on the Wolverines run later when I recover.  Go Blue!


Elite.  That's what Michigan is today.  They join Florida as the only teams from last year's 8 that are in this year's 8.  Everybody else is at home.  The path to this point, the sloppy moments, and the fact that we nearly shit the bed (in what would have been in the hall of fame of Michigan epic collapses) against the 11th seeded Vols last night means absolutely nothing.  NOTHING.  I don't care how they played, I don't care how they looked, I don't care about any past tense verb you can throw at me.   I also don't care about what an amazing performance Jordan Morgan has put in in this tournament or that he has effectively become 2013 McGary.  

I care about the current game.  The 3rd seeded Wolverines beat the 14th seeded Xavier Minutemen by 5 in the opening round of the 1989 NCAA tournament.  And Glen Rice and I could care less.

And I will continue to care about the current game until there isn't one.  Then we can reminisce and evaluate and pat each other on the back.

Also, today marks the one-year anniversary of Trey being Trey:

Remember that?  That's when we backed in to the Elite 8 last year.  Until the last 4-minutes, it was arguably a worse performance than the one we had last night.

So here we are, moving on to play Calipari's band of illegally recruited, underachieving one-and-dones.  I'm guessing people will wonder how we plan to handle their size.  Just a guess.  If Jordan Morgan pulls another one out, I'll see you on on your iPhone in the lobby of Lucas Oil at around 7:15pm tomorrow.


15 brackets can still take first place cash in the tournament challenge, and 6 of those have a better than 5% chance:


That top one...the one that belongs to baby gorilla, is very dependent on Michigan State winning it all, and Michigan losing on Sunday.  Think about that before you root for him.

Good luck everyone!  And as always, Go Blue!